I am currently at the University of Oxford studying for a DPhil in Engineering Science which I started in October 2016. I am researching the high strain rate properties of particulate composites under the supervision of Prof. Clive Siviour at the Solid Mechanics and Materials Engineering research group. Ultimately, the aim of the research is to be able to predict the mechanical response of the material from the knowledge of its composition, and to be able to design them to meet specific requirements.

Conferences attending/attended and presentations made:


To complete my Postgraduate Certificate of Education in Science, I worked on several assignments delving into pedagogy, educational leadership, and curriculum development. For the Teach First route at the University of Nottingham, this involved three Reflective Journal Assignments and three Written Assessments.

Full texts:


For my Master’s thesis at Imperial College, I worked under the supervision of Prof. Paul Robinson on the development of shape memory carbon fibre composites for potential space applications. Innovative materials that are able to be flattened for logistical reasons, and then deployed on-demand via the application of heat to their original pre-configured shape.

The videos below highlight the performances of the many different shapes investigated.

Full text: Deployable composite structures thesis


At Imperial College, for my MEng in Aeronautical Engineering, in the Group Design Project, I worked with Dr Mirko Kovac of the fledgling Aerial Robotics Lab to co-direct a project with fifteen other students on bio-inspired autonomous construction.

Full text: Bio-inspired autonomous construction report


My first experience of research was for the Extended Project Qualification for which I investigated the efficacy of various launch vehicles. I presented this at International Space Olympics in Korolev, Russia, for which I attained first prize.