Mentoring and Coaching

Akash Trivedi, mentor and coach to PhD students and graduates empowering them to achieve their dreams and engineer their future
Akash Trivedi

Researcher, Lecturer, and Tutor at the University of Oxford with experience of helping support more than 950 students through their education, graduate studies and personal development.

Working together to empower you to achieve your dreams and engineer your future

Graduate admissions

Do you dream of getting a PhD? To become a world leading expert in the area you’re passionate about? Let’s work together to prepare you for starting your journey as a PhD student.

Make your PhD successful

Do you find it difficult to find that work/life balance? Are you looking around and seeing others who appear more successful than you? Let’s beat that “Imposter Syndrome” together and ensure you make the most out of your time as a PhD student.

Engineering an impactful future

Coming up to the end of your PhD with no idea about the future? Maybe you don’t want to do another postdoc in the hope of finally securing a permanent position in academia? Let’s boost your employability and leverage your PhD to prepare you for a meaningful career in or outside of academia.

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